Via Mantova 34,
10124, Torino


Promotional video for Devoa

Choreography : Paola Lesina
Scenography : Paola Lesina
Performer & Sound :  Mana
Director : Andrea Cossu
Lights: Francesco Coia
Clients : Devoa


The performance BE-FORE translate visual scenes into physical experiences. A reflections on urgency and dynamism of life in movement or wait.

Sound : Pedro Vian

Performer : Chiara Finelli, Cristina dal Ponte, Edith Ben, Stefi Juniper, Mattia Pagin, Mara Roberto, Elisabetta Tambornini.


Earth, Nature, woman: the being that animates them is the same that animates the leaf, the insect, the wind.

Through the sound of the gong a passage opens, the woman crosses it and transcends her individuality by participating in the rhythms of the universe.

The Fertilthe Energy that takes possession of her frees her from the bonds with the body.

The Movement returns primitive.

The gesture, the origin of language, becomes dance.

The activation of the hand as a sign awakening. The goal is also the point of arrival, as well as the origin and closure of the circle.

Screened at:
Cinema Massimo Torino
Lavanderie a vapore, Torino
Mirabilia Festival,
CineDans Fest, Amsterdam

Choreography and dance :
Paola Lesina

Film :
Marco Rezoagli


The abstract figure is a dream.

The abstract figure is the world of the possible, a free area, a safe zone.

Inhabitant of Forma0  is born from a desire of a new birth after the catastrofe.

It is an invitation get lost in an apparently chaotic visual order where you can explore, experiment with your own shape.

Exhibited at KNH Kunst-Quickie (Wien)
Cinema Teatro Maffei ( Torino )


Dance as a ritual, as a possibility to detach oneself, to search for trance.

If we refer the ritual movements to their projection on the terrestrial plane we can speak of "polygons" with their diagonals, bisectors and medians while, if we also refer to the movement to the third dimension, we can speak of polyhedra.

Giulia de Val

Choreography and Dance:
Paola Lesina

Jacopo Ficulle