With Marco Rezoagli

2019, Torino

Dance as a transformation.
Earth, nature, woman: the being that animates them is the same being that animates the leaf, the insect, the wind.
Through the sound of the gong a passage opens, the woman crosses it and transcends her individuality by participating in the rhythms of the universe.
The fertilizing energy that takes hold of her frees her from the bonds with the body.
The Movement returns primitive.
The gesture, the origin of the language, becomes dance.
The activation of the hand as a sign awakening. The goal is also the point of arrival, as well as the origin and closing of the circle.

written  by Federico Mazzi, Federica Fele e Paolo Campana

2019, Torino

Seeyousound was founded in 2014 in Turin; its purpose and dream was to recognize a prominent position to the significance of the relationship between cinema and music.
Exploring music in every frame through cinema, performances and education .
It is the first festival in Italy entirely dedicated to this theme.
“The Rise and Fall of Willy Moneylli” is a mocumentary produced by the festival where i performed as Willy, a young music producer who rebels against his manager and its label.

Porto Dell’Arte
2018, Torino

Athanasius Kircher was a Jesuit, philosopher, historian and German museologist of the seventeenth century. Kircher has often been compared to Leonardo da Vinci for his enormous variety of interests, nevertheless, to many, the name of Kircher is unknown.
Athanasius Kircher, in addition to deciphering hieroglyphs, designed sound and visual machines, mixing the different branches of knowledge.

Once developed the new device, not only its creators will interact with it, the machine welcomes itinerant performers, artists and musicians invited by us and through their intervention manipulate the created system, making the machine the metaphor of the change that the artists generate when they act in a space.

By continuously merging the work and research of different artists, it will create a fluid, ever-evolving mechanism that acts as an interactive display, arranged by its creators and made so by the invited performers who will play with it by modifying aspects and functions throughout the course of its exhibition. . In this way, the exhibition space will be seen as a place of passage, a corridor, a container of the most disparate situations that respect conceptually the curatorial origin of Porto dell'Arte itself.

“L’amore lascia il segno” Sinodo2018 - Duomo di Torino.
2018, Torino

With MARCO REZOAGLI - JesusinTurin

A relational art experiment of Marco Rezoagli.
The evocation of a living Christ, acting today, can totally redefinethe perception of a place and a time.
Seen through the eyes of an observer, Jesus staring at a building in the suburb will draw attention specifically to the architecture making it noteworthy.
Jesus in the middle of busy traffic will make the cars stand out, Jesus in a shopping centre, makes the shops of note and so on.
This is because the unconscious question, more or less, is:"If the Messiah returned to today's world what would he think?"
This forces us to take another look at what seems obvious and everyday,
like the architecture of a city and the urban relation.
Today the observer is witness to what he recognizes as extra-ordinary throug smartphone photography and videos. The poetic act is therefore continuously captured through the photographic eye and tranmitted and mixed up throug the points of view and immagination of those who realise something special is happening.
A collective form of movie directing.
This journey therefore involves the collection of material created by the genera public through social media, in the end being reworked into a works of art.

Caffe’ Muller
2018, Torino

Laboratorio Zanzara  is a  (non-profit) social cooperative, born in Turin as an integration project for people with mental health issues.
The daily collaboration between different professionals (educators and professionals in visual communication, design and art) allows the many expressive and creative possibilities to be collected with the aim of proposing a new language capable of breaking down cultural barriers.

Share Festival
2018, Torino

With Fabio Battistetti (IT)

Study for a work : space to stay, rest, and move and to explore our memory, our experiences and remembrances. Nowaday human cognitive abilities have been matched, if not surpassed, by the computationalmodel of neural networks. We are perennially connected and kept alive (socially) by the devices we handle. Virtual reality is real, within the reach of a finger. A notification invites us to another dimension. If we forget something, we can ask the oracle of Google. Once we would have delved into our own memory. Today, we instinctively ask a search engine. It is estimated that in 2025, the amount of data exchanged annually will reach 180 zettabytes, archived in data centers scattered across the globe. The result is that it will be nearly impossible to identify where the data for the photos of my beach holidays are found. The works consists of several elements : some created during its assembly with Paola Lesina, in a performance on the sign. The space is deliminated by a carpet on wich flow charts have been drawn, showing the development of our thought on Prometheus, a pouffe tracing the form of the person who sits there, notebooks and albums with reproduction of neural network diagrams. Other elements evoke the physical nature of memory and rest. By moving around the space, a soundscape of words, big data and melody is activated.

Folk. art-space 2018
Here festival 2018

WIth Maximiliano Siñani (BOL)

Hold on, an American Football with the colorful rainbow, hold on, to pass the ball and engage the people, hold on, brought it from New York to Torino like a JFK-Caselle, hold on, to mix-signify of what is called made in America, hold on, through its manufacture form and what the change implies to, hold on, its all about the object and nothing else than to respond its use, hold on, to rainbow manually and color the environment, hold on, for an endless making of rainbows, hold on.



PAO festival 2017

WorKshop with Johannes Deimling (DE)

Performing with the shapes, sounds and gesture.
Performing about excitement, fear and courage.