Via Mantova 34,
10124, Torino



assemblage, various objects.

Inbox is a sculpture made with the assemblage technique.
The objects used are those encountered in the path of a specific process carried out in the walls of the house.
The uncovering of boxes, rummaging inside containers is the practice performed by the artist as a domestic performative act.
This specific exercise wants to represent the movement of the soul, the work to which our body is subjected in the period of quarantine
in which we are indisputably led to navigate in our abyss, in our remote rooms and to rediscover abandoned, remote or lost thoughts.
It is also a photographic work that focuses on the found object, now meaningless, useless, but with a new form and inevitably a story.
This is what I found.

Exhibited at Circolo del Design ( Torino )


LIving sculpture, assemblage, objects, fabrics.

The abstract figure is a dream.
The abstract figure is the world of the possible, a free area, a safe zone.
Inhabitant of Forma0  is born from a desire of a new birth after the catastrofe.
It is an invitation get lost in an apparently chaotic visual order where you can explore, experiment with your own shape.

Exhibited at KNH Kunst-Quickie (Wien)
                      Cinema Teatro Maffei ( Torino )